Sunday, April 1, 2018

Transformed by Loss: An Easter Message

As I approached this morning with anticipation - my first Easter service at Unity with my new choral group - I was eager to hear the message from our pastor, Rev. Larry.  His rich sermons bring together new age philosophy with old world wisdom and readings from various spiritual leaders.  Today the focus was on the resurrection of Jesus and how we might think of it not only in literal terms, but in a transcendent way.

Life is full of adversity, of challenge, of suffering and one may ask, if God exists, why this or why me?  Jesus' example of staying aligned with his truth - being in a place of love and peace within - allowed him to carry on with the horrendous circumstances that led to his death.  On Good Friday, I felt my usual sadness as I remembered his crucifixion, but I was also struck with asking Him if he was afraid.  I also recalled the Garden of Gethsemane when he wept.  I felt bodily sensations of his fear and pain more so than usual.  And on Saturday, I continued to feel sadness, but also anticipated the joy of upcoming Easter.

These feelings brought me back through my own history of challenge, loss and pain, but this time, I also had a deep knowing that I am on my path, for it is how one responds to adversity without being internally shaken that matters most.  The "I" is not the body, but is the soul - the unwavering essence.

In science, we state that energy can neither be created or destroyed and in spiritual terms, this means the soul.  Our bodies will change, age and eventually die, but "WE" never die.  In fact, I believe that my wholeness has not been diminished by life circumstances, but instead has been strengthened.  I am living in peace like never before.  I am finally getting it after all these years of lessons.

Just as the stone was rolled away from the tomb of Jesus, so can each of us rise from the death of each challenge as we see from the heart and not the eyes.

May you find peace and joy during this season of rebirth,

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