Sunday, April 16, 2017

A Goodbye With Fond Memories and Gratitude

As I wrap up my three short years in Marblehead, I am so grateful for having had the opportunity to live here, yet not without major life challenges.

My folks grew up in Lynn and as a teen, I would ride my bike through town and once in college, dreamed of someday owning a bed and breakfast where I would teach health classes and cook my healthy food for people.

When I moved here a few years ago, I began networking and building relationships with local businesses but unfortunately three months after arriving, I developed a staph infection that required surgery since I had a rare leukemia that suppressed my immune system.  Following a lengthy hospitalization and chemotherapy, I reacted to the chemo and was quite ill for months on end.  So much for getting business off the ground!

Luckily, I lived in a condo within walking distance to town and the pharmacy, so I began to improve my stamina with short walks.  Once able to get back to yoga, I was there at The Loft, most days of the week.  Randy and Laurel’s smiling faces always made me feel welcomed.

I began to work with Steve and Rob at the Landing, creating the SeaFit menu and with Jon and Joan at Marblehead Cable TV, doing health interviews with local health professionals.  Additionally, Mary at the Reporter, welcomed my contributions to the newspaper.

Once feeling better, I did begin the process of creating a health retreat here in town and while many people liked the idea, there was also concern about bringing a larger business as this to town.  I do believe that one day there may be an opportunity to revisit this idea, but the timing needs to be right for embracing a more holistic style of health and wellness.

Last summer, my daughter was married at Crocker Park and the day could not have been better.  It was a highlight of my being here in this beautiful town.  Shortly after, I embarked on a business trip to talk with leading healthcare professionals about integrative healthcare and as I voiced my frustrations, it was suggested that I consider a few other areas of the country, where my gifts could truly blossom.  I began to consider this possibility, knowing that my children also had interest in moving to other areas of the country.

My process was definitely sped up with health challenges that my daughter has faced and the reality of once again needing to sell my home for financial reasons.  For those of you who have followed my articles over these past few years, you know that I come from a place of seeking the silver lining, looking at the gift in the challenge. And this is exactly how I see it.  I feel blessed and complete having been here, hoping that I have touched some lives with inspiration, and I look forward to my new chapter in Ojai, CA, a small community of forward thinking healthcare and spiritual professionals.  I will still be available for consultations via a HIPPA compliant form of telehealth, for my east coast folks.

With sincere thanks,  Julie

Friday, April 7, 2017

A Week Of Flurry

As I approached my week away for business, I felt excited and organized for meeting a wide array of practitioners ranging from myofascial release therapists to CEO’s of mental health agencies, executive coaches and many others in between.

Upon landing in LA and listening to my voicemail, I had three calls that my younger had taken a turn for the worst, going to the hospital for observation.  While concerned, I knew and trusted that this rocky period would be an opportunity.  Nonetheless, trying to using Google Maps to get to my destiny while making calls to clinicians, the ride was a bit more stressful than I would have liked.

Once connected to the treatment team, I once again felt that this process was meant to be and 5 days later, I am witness to God in action yet again.  Interspersed with amazing meetings, learning about apartments and who would take Tammie (my baby of almost 14 years and my office assistant!), I nailed down an amazing home while en route back to Boston.

It’s kinda how it goes in my life!  Things look bleak, yet I forge ahead not knowing the outcome and each time this occurs, I am more grounded, asking Jesus to guide me, knowing that I am not in control and will land where I am meant to be.

 Tammie and I will live just 2 blocks outside town, walking distance to the park, the grocery store (filled with organic options), shops and practitioners with whom I already feel a connection.  I truly feel blessed!

Backing up a bit, I had the most clarifying conversation with my daughter last night and with her team, knowing that hitting rock bottom last weekend needed to happen in order to shed light on the healing path.  While still many curves along the way and much work to be done in order to move forward, I feel in alignment with my path and with the gentle guidance that I provide my family.

Moral of this blog:  do not get caught up in the flurry;  keep your eye on the end result, seeing the beauty in each challenge as gift.

With love,