Sunday, September 25, 2016

Going In

As I write this blog, I am sitting all zipped up at Chandler Hovey Park, better known as Lighthouse Park.  It is a beautiful place where I usually ride my bicycle to, but today, I am writing, sitting with Tammie and enjoying the sunny day and brisk breeze.  What an abrupt change from the 80+ degree mugginess a few days ago.

As the Fall approaches, I often think of years past when I would feel a sense of doom and gloom.  Back 30 years ago, SAD was not even thought about, never-mind  treated.  Over the past few years, however, I embrace this season more openly, enjoying the darker evenings when I can light my candle, relax (well sometimes I still work too late!) and take this time for reflection, going into the dark.

I think of some of the spiritual aspects of the changing seasons and I find it interesting as a culture, we often fear the dark, think of it as bad and yet, without the dark, there can be no light.  Looking to the wisdom of the earth, this is all too well a known fact.

Advent, which does not come until November-December, is another reminder of this time of going deep within, to reflect on the blessings we have and to prepare for the celebration of life.

It would not be complete without sharing what else I do in order to face the darkness.  Yes, energy is lower and mood can be less vibrant as well, thus I use a UV light each morning and increase fish oils and vitamin D.  I generally ask my patients to have a lab test done before increasing D too much.  An ideal level is 50-80.  Increasing omega threes can be done with eating fatty fish, walnuts and leafy greens that have been lightly cooked with some acid and oil such as lemon juice and olive oil.  My blog would not feel complete without these pearls of nutritional wisdom!

May you embrace this change of season with gratitude and an open heart.

With love


Sunday, September 4, 2016

"Oh What A Night" - Or Something Like That!

Here I am in San Luis Obispo, CA, waiting at Whole Foods until my flight leaves to return to San Francisco.

It has been quite a week - a truly amazing one at that.  Last Saturday, Lindsay and Scott were married in Marblehead, overlooking the ocean and we celebrated with family and a few close friends.  What an amazing event.  They are truly a couple who is not only in love, but are two people who shine as individuals as well.

On Monday morning, Ashley and I boarded for a 3-day grad school trip, to scope out colleges for holistic psychology.  The apples surely have not fallen far from this tree!  We spent a spectacular day in Boulder, CO, riding cycles from campus to campus and into town.  My kinda travel.  The air and surroundings were so crisp and clean.

The next day, we flew into San Francisco and visited another school - fabulous program, but in the center of the big city - neither of our favorite surroundings.  We drove to the highest point in San Fran for the overlook - what a view!

Third day was "Do You Know the Way to San Jose" - remember that song?  Visited our final school, then strolled into the shopping area abutting silicon valley.  Had a great lunch, viewed the area than headed back to San Fran for the "rice-a-roni" ride.  How thrilling!  We hung on the outside moving straight up and down the streets of San Fran.  What was more thrilling (or shall I say, fearful!) was the ride up and down the road in the car.  At one point, we could not even see over the top of the car.

Next morning, Ashley boarded for Boston and I, SLO.  I've been checking out like-minded communities with a relocation consideration and I must say, the environment is more open than in Boston.  I have met some wonderful people who truly subscribe to functional and integrative medicine and tomorrow, I see three more communities for comparison.  In the end, I will still be available for my clients, whether I am on the east coast or the west and in fact, have one client who recently moved from Boston to San Fran.  My other dear student is back in Japan.

Life is certainly interesting, full of opportunities for growth, self-introspection and appreciation for the many gifts.  My message to you is to embrace what life has to offer.

With love,