Monday, August 15, 2016

Birthday Reminiscents of Mom

As Sunday, August 14 approached, I was all too aware of feeling some longing and sadness that Mom is no longer here.  In some ways, it feels harder, not easier, but I also have "my process" to blame or better yet, to thank for feeling my feelings.

I've talked about my processing style in former blogs, but a quick review lets you into how I've learned to cope, which has also allowed me to sit, be and process with other wounded clients and friends when in my presence.

Many of us have experienced PTSD and I, for one, denied that term for years, not acknowledging the reality for myself.  From my diligent work with a therapist and a few amazing energy workers, I have finally been able to get past some of the blocks, knowing that my fears and reactions, and yes, disease, has been rooted in past events and exposures (some people and some environmental).  I used to muscle up both physical and mental energy, energy that I often no longer have, in order to get through difficulties, never feeling the effects.

I truly believe that this is why I was drawn into assisting the complicated cases - what is not seen and is buried beneath, often showing up as "just fine".  I learned at a young age to pull it together, to be fine, in order to protect my Mom.  She was an amazingly talented woman who made my clothes, my coats, and beautiful items for my girls.  She kept a neat and organized home and balanced the checkbook to the penny.  And this was long before computers and Quickbooks!  She brought be on the bus to chorus lessons and I accompanied her to the weekly banking, post office and other chores.

My Mom's Mom, Grammie Lillian, died when Mom was just 10.  Mom remembers most of life being in and out of hospitals and it was during the final illness that Mom was brought away for a summer to be with cousins on the cape.  When she came home, her Mom was close to death.  My mother developed serious asthma that year and I recall her telling me how she would be hung out over the railing on the porch to gasp for air.  Mom was gasping for life and her anxiety over the years took root in many ways.

As I sat at the cemetary yesterday, I was able to really feel my Mom's energy, knowing that she is in peace at this time and that truly felt like a gift.  I was also able to more easily separate out my experiences from hers, thanking her for the life she gave me and putting to rest her own suffering.

I gathered a few acorns, pine needles and a stick - items that I will use later this month as offerings in my shamanic session.  We have American Indian in our background and Mom was very proud of this fact.  I will think of her as I thank God for these simple gifts from nature.


Saturday, August 13, 2016

How Low Is Too low

Message of the week has been educating patients on the effects of having too low a cholesterol level and how to navigate traditional thinking – “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – or shall we say, change it.
With the recent concerns over statin medications, it may be a good thing to begin lowering dosages of medications or considering trials without, of course with close monitoring based on individual circumstances.

In my practice, many clients come wanting to avoid or discontinue medications and I will never tell someone to stop taking something, but will address the pros and cons so that they are more informed about the choices they wish to discuss with their PCP or specialist.

For years now, total cholesterol levels above 200 have been called “high” and if the LDL, or “bad” cholesterol is also elevated above 130, medications are often being discussed.  More recently, there have been studies supporting that these somewhat higher levels may not be harmful and in fact, may be brain protective. 

The nerves in the brain require cholesterol and good quality saturated fats such as organic, grass-fed butter, coconut oil, virgin red palm oil and shea butter.  These waxy fats create the myelin sheath, likened to the rubber encasing wires for protection.

When total cholesterol levels start to dip less than 165-170, there is concern over having inadequate levels of these fats for the production of this important substance.

Bottom line is that it is always important to ask for copies of the lab work, not just the letter with check marks stating you are fine.  Knowing your numbers and learning to interpret them is key in personalizing your healthcare.  I am happy to help!

In sickness and in health,

Try this delicious  Crepe recipe from my cookbook, Sweets n’ Treats.  It uses coconut wraps, full fat coconut or greek yogurt and dark chocolate chip, all good sources of saturated fat.
Coconut Wrap Crepes
1 paleo coconut wrap*
1/3 cup frozen mixed berries, thawed
1 tsp cornstarch
1 tbl almond butter
2 tbl plain coconut yogurt or greek yogurt
1 tsp mini chocolate chips

                Mix berries and cornstarch, heating over medium stirring until thickened and translucent
                Remove from heat and lay on coconut wrap.  Roll and fold ends under
                Mix together almond butter with yogurt until creamy and smooth
                Top crepe with yogurt topping and sprinkle with chocolate chips


Same as above using frozen dark, pitted cherries


Coconut wrap
½ apple, chopped, sprinkled with cinnamon and 1 tsp lemon juice, baked 20 minutes at 350
1 tbl sunbutter, almond butter or walnut butter
2 tbl plain coconut yogurt or greek yogurt
1 tsp crushed nuts dusted with cinnamon

                Follow instructions as above

* – coconut wraps

Sunday, August 7, 2016

To Be An Inspiration and To Inspire

I often ponder words and meanings, especially when thinking of my intention for yoga class.  I chose inspiration and inspire for a few reasons.

I've been told throughout the years that I am an inspiration to others, and while I am honored to hear this, I also take this responsibility quite seriously.  I truly believe that one of God's gifts to me has been to be an inspiration to others, especially when things seem bleak.  I often envision a bright light in the center of my heart, connecting to others.  I like to use visualization to assist in this process.

As I began to think of the word inspire, the thought arising from the deep breathing required in yoga, I recognized on a different level, how this inspiration is for me and my continued healing on multiple levels.  Breath of life or Prana, is basic for all to live, grow and renew.

What is the lesson in all of this - in order to be an inspiration to others, the process begins within.  Start by loving yourself unconditionally, be the light to yourself in order to become a light to the world.

With love,