Thursday, September 28, 2017

A Happy Birthday Thanks

It is not quite a week since I have returned back "home", although my oldest best friend says that she cannot call CA home for me yet!  I had a most enjoyable trip back to Boston and things have shifted in a wonderful way.

While the trip started off rough - delayed flights to the point of arriving early the next morning - somehow, I kept my cool.  I had planned and packed my meals and snacks, brought plenty of work to do with me and found a corner at the airport to do some yoga stretching!

My birthday was such a day of celebration - Lindsay and Scott kept it well under wraps about having family and friends surprise me at the restaurant where I thought it would be just us three.  I was delighted and felt such a loving connection to all present. 

Each day there were visits with friends and family, but the difference was that I felt less rushed, able to be present with each person I visited.  I believe this shift has begun as a result of moving from my fast-paced, check it off the list orientation to a bit slower, being in the moment style.  Of course, this was precisely part of my reason for the move.

It has always been the case that I have needed to remove myself from my environment in order to unplug.  Same with vacations - never would rest at home, but move me to a different environment and I would be able to decompress.

There were many highlights to my week - being with Linds and Scott, seeing Dad doing well, visiting with many family and friends, attending yoga every day and attending Ali and Mike's wedding.  Ali and Lindsay have been friends since the 3rd grade, much like Jeanne and I from the 2nd.  Things peaked with my singing with Jamie at his gig and then spending the day recording with both he and Chris for a CD I plan to release later this year.

I am now 60 - cannot quite believe it, yet, I also feel refreshed and ready for this new chapter in life.  The moral of the story - listen to the inner yearnings of your heart and soul and be present to yourself and each person you are with.

With love and gratitude,

Saturday, September 16, 2017

That Which We See Is That Which We Be!

Well stated - Dr. Mitch Tischler. Also, addressed by Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden and other forward thinking individuals.

I invite you to think of situations where life feels unfair, where struggle feels insurmountable, write down the details about yourself and anyone else involved in the situation.  Where are there similarities in these challenges?  What do they represent?

I do believe it comes back to the self and how we view the core of our being.  If we are pure love - indian philosophy; or made in the image and likeness of Christ - christian philosophy; then how can we then feel less than, not good enough, undeserving?

In my life, I continue to wrestle with these very questions along the journey of healing my mind, body and soul.  I find it fascinating to entertain and believe in the idea that the biochemistry follows the thought, but it is more clearly visible to me now, more than ever.

Concrete example:  I had a meltdown yesterday, feeling overwhelmed because our administrative assistant for the new business needs to stop working for family reasons, thus, there are new computer programs for me to learn, as well as now seeking a new person to fill the role.

As many of you know who follow me, technology is a language that feels foreign to me.  While I have gotten better with time, as I read instructions, I often have no clue about what is being stated.  At least now I try to figure things out, but it can be hours of time spent without resolution.  I have a few folks with whom I am testing out the tutoring piece, but still find a language barrier in "getting it".  This week there were multiple occasions of this happening and by yesterday, I felt angry, misunderstood and helpless.

Once I stepped away from this, I realized that I had been immediately brought back to that second grade scenario with my folks - over the math and reading comprehension - "What are you stupid?".  Now this is no name and blame on them, BUT, I have still not let go of that message, the deeply ingrained tape that rolls around in my head!

I also immediately made a connection that I have intellectually discussed in the past, but only today put the pieces of the puzzle together.  I had learning issues in the 2nd grade and this was also the time when I gained significant weight and was teased by other kids.  It was a lonely time and I recall Mom and Dad fighting a lot during this period as well.  A chaotic, unsafe time for young eyes and ears.

My two girls also had challenges in the 2nd grade.  This is when their respective teachers recognized that they were indeed very bright, but were not mastering math and reading.  Hmm - genetics?  brain chemistry?  stress?  Yes, to all of the above!

As an adult, however, we have the opportunity to see this as the past and that the set of circumstances is not WHO we are.  Each and every moment of our lives are new opportunities for self-acceptance and self-love.

The next time you are feeling unsettled, stop and ask yourself, where is this originating from?  Is it true?  Can I stop, regroup and be compassionate with myself and those around me?

Be love,

Sunday, September 10, 2017

It's Sunday: Do I Choose To Do or To Be???

The usual wrestle with the "day of rest" vs the "day of preparation", nags at me every week, yet there is a choice, even though it does not always "feel" like a choice.

I am growing to believe (I state I believe, but am still a novice in practice as many of you are), that while there are the "to-do's", it is about the perspective and acknowledgement that these tasks are moving one in the direction of the perfected reality.  Think back of my earlier blogs referencing Bruce Lipton and Gregg Braden, as visualizing the end result and working backwards.

This practice is what has truly gotten me through tough times and each week is a new opportunity to reaffirm that choice.  I've often referred to re-thinking semantics - instead of "I need to ..." or "I want to ..." or "I have to ...", consider a powerful "I choose to ...".  Not only are you buying into the next set of tasks or events, but you are also using an internal driving force instead of an external one.

Today is a sunny day and while I have my list of tasks, I will carefully go within (take a few silent moments to check in with my inner voice), address tasks seeing the end result and also choose to get out into Nature, where true peace and harmony can align us.

Happy Sunday,