Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Symphony

While listening to music en route to UMass, bringing Ashley back for her last semester, I began to think about the conductor of a symphony and how carefully each part and player is chosen.  Once musicians are chosen for a part, much time is spent rehearsing the part over and over again until it is flawless.

Next comes the blending of the orchestra – parts, timing, crescendos and decrescendos, emphasis on one part over another, interpretation.  The list could certainly go on, but my point is made.  I then began to think about my work as a parent and clinician, sometimes both, as my girls have always asked me to be active and pro-active in their care.  It can be a delicate balance with how much involvement to have with patients and family alike.

I’ve generally toggled this space very well and what I’ve noticed as I’ve grown and matured, is that I no longer hold onto the outcome as I once did.  In my earlier years as a young healthcare professional, I was intent on healing the world and being right in my conclusions, often researching beyond my scope of practice (I still do the research-it’s part of me!).  I no longer need to be right, but instead, follow my intuition, stepping in when necessary and backing off as well.  In the end, I visualize the outcome being positive, then let it go, much like a baby bird in flight.

This new phase, wiser phase of life, feels so much more rewarding, as I am not caught up in my ego, but rather keeping with the intention of desiring the greatest good for all.

Older and wiser,


Sunday, January 22, 2017

Red and Blue Make Green

What a week it has been - tension, excitement, trepidation, polarization - all wrapped up together.  As I observe the news, my friends, family and clients, I find myself able to maintain a feeling of calm, peace and knowing that we are all where we are supposed to be in this place and time of evolution.

During my astrology class this Fall, there was discussion about the rising of the divine feminine once again, moving away from the patriarchal  time in history.  Indeed, there is to be unrest, uprising, dissent and disagreement as the energy begins to shift.

I believe this is a time for new beginnings, for transformation and as most who know me would say that the glass half full rather than half empty.  I often pause to try to understand my opponent, to bridge the gap bringing both sides together, and my prayer and wish for this next four years remains the same.

As I listened to the commentary regarding the election, I was struck by the colors of the parties - red, Republican and blue, Democratic.  I began to think of the chakra colors and associated energies - red is root, fire, earthly energy and survival, and blue is between the 4th and 5th chakras with varied shades of blue regarding healing, communication and using intuition.  These energies seem on point with the goals of the respective parties, each providing necessary tools for living.

While exploring these meanings, I began to think about blending, bridging and voila, realized that when one mixes red and blue, the color green emerges.  Green is the color of the heart - the chakra that allows humans to feel love and give love to all.

Moving forth, my focus and intention will be on the color green and its association with love.  May you "be love" to all you meet.

In gratitude,

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Connections: An NPR Discussion

I characterize myself as an NPR junkie and am often in the car, pulling out my pen and a scrap paper to scribble notes fueling my blog ideas.  Today was no exception.  I am passionate about education and learning, wanting to help my clients understand their unique learning styles and today, the discussion brought up key points that are so important for us all to embrace.

Education is moving in the direction of being more collaborative and experiential, but since traditions change slowly, most educational environments still measure achievement by how much book learning and memorization one retains. 

What was refreshing to hear is that younger folks have an immense amount of knowledge available at the click of the mouse and that the successful learner will know how to navigate the web, knowing that information is available on the subject that is being learned.  Another key point is that students (and that refers to us all) must rely on others’ expertise in some areas, lending to a more collaborative way of learning.  This collaborative approach will facilitate more connection and as humans, connection is key for survival on each level-mind, body and spirit.

The emphasis of today’s discussion was on the 4 P’s:
Passion – find something you are passionate about to learn
Project – create a project in order to learn about the discipline
Peers – work with your peers – more ideas, different points of view
Play – use your imagination and don’t get hung up on perfection – it will thwart the creativity

As always, my hope is to inspire others to find ways to feel good about themselves.  I hope this blog does just that!

With love,