Saturday, June 25, 2016

Conscious Communities: From Our Body System To The World

Just back from a weekend seminar with Bruce Lipton, a traditionally trained biologist who “saw the light” and became as he calls it, a spiritual scientist.

I first heard of Bruce Lipton while doing alternative cancer treatment in Germany in 2012.  While quantum physics was not an entirely new concept for me – I had been intrigued with this back in the 70’s – I became deeply involved in learning more about the recent advances in this area of medicine, healing and spirituality.

I have so much to say on this topic and may take each section over the next few weeks, but I will start with the “body system” because it is what brought me so much more seriously into using these concepts with my own clients.

Our internal environment – digestion, metabolism, brain chemistry and more – all reflect what we eat, think and absorb from the external environment, coupled with our genetic make-up and expression of those genes.

When this environment is out of balance, we are prone to not feeling well and potentially disease, which can take a long time to manifest.  I quickly recall working at Joslin Diabetes Center in the 90’s and the debate at the time was about high blood pressure and predictability of diabetes.  On the one side, researchers were stating that these were uniquely different diseases, one being cardiovascular in nature, while the other, metabolic.  Other researchers were stating that these body systems were intimately connected and that the high blood pressure offered clues and some predictability.
For lack of a better word, who do you think was correct?  If you guessed that there is a relationship, you are indeed, correct.  High blood pressure is often a precursor to being diagnosed with Type Two diabetes about ten years later.

We are coming back to a time in medicine, science and religion, where the human organism and no less, the entire planet is known to be connected with that which is both seen and unseen.  I will not take this forum to discuss religion per se, but will use spirituality (the world of the unseen), as part of this process toward understanding connectedness and its importance for the vitality of the “organism” (human being or planet).

I continue on this path today, knowing in my heart that how I use my mind – staying present, re-programming the belief system that I learned as an infant and young child – is the key to creating balance, health and vitality for me.  While I have personally turned over many stones, there are those few core ones that often show up, not wanting to leave.  This is the conditioning that becomes part of the automatic response, a response that is not even recognized because it is the sub-conscious driver of thoughts and actions.

How do I use this in my work?  It depends on who I am working with.  There is a time of readiness for us all.  There are repeating patterns of suffering that can bring one to finally recognize that things are not working as we wish.  It is the surrender (dying) of the old, that can bring about the new.  For some, it may be leaving processed foods behind and choosing organic, non-GMO foods that truly nourish the body, while for others, it is becoming aware of the negative self-talk that sabotague’s ones’ efforts to not only change for self-love, but because this is truly what the person wants, not family, friends and co-workers.

Step one for me is to become present to each person who walks in my door.  Step two is to listen without filters, judgement or pre-decision about the outcome.  I truly believe that healing is possible for all.  It is a journey and I am honored to be a facilitator in the process.

Part two will discuss the initial place within to begin – the gut microbiome.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

“Gonna Build A Big Fat Beautiful Wall” then “Bomb The ___ Out Of ___”

I’m not a political person, but was brought almost to tears while listening to NPR the other day.  As I continue my own journey of physical, emotional and spiritual healing, I see so clearly that it is divisions, seeing one as separate, that brings about misunderstanding and ultimately war – whether within oneself, families or among nations.

This separateness has been created as a way to control, whether it be the self, other people, animals or the earth itself.  When will we listen?  Fear, corruption and increasing diminution of resources is heightening both war and increased awareness – both happening at the same time!

A few weeks ago, I listened to another interview on NPR with Padrig O’Malley, and Irishman who has devoted his life to speaking about a different way to peace, one that has been stated by other great men and women, but one that easily gets pushed under the rug when fear is heightened.  He spoke about all needing the same resources and that killing and using force is not the way to peace.  It reminds me of a wonderful book, Power Vs Force – a must read about raising one’s vibrational energy for total healing, as well as having an understanding of the hierarchy that exists among those at the top and the bottom.

I share these few snippets with you to stop, go inside and remember that we are all connected.  These connections have even been traced scientifically in the quantum physics realm.  Check out Greg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Deepak Chopra.  After doing the cognitive peace, settle into a meditation with healing music that aligns the chakras of energy centers and focus on connection and peace.  It can heal each person and the world.

In Peace,


Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Humor In The Humanness Part “ “: I’ve Stopped Counting

Well the day has arrived for Ashley to return from her year abroad in Amsterdam and I am here at Logan, patiently waiting, catching up on the never-ending work (but I do love what I do-serving others!).

Interestingly, this day is also accompanied by a 24 hour urine test – one of the many tests that I repeat to see how my treatment plans are going and to adjust accordingly.  Fortunately and unfortunately, I continue to be one of those mystery patients who has puzzling issues, labs to show abnormalities, yet no easy course of identification.  I say both fortunate and unfortunate because I continue to live and manage well above and beyond expectation AND I can identify and feel such compassion for the countless clients who end up on my doorstep with similar challenges – different illnesses but also ones that do not fit neatly into our current medical paradigm.

Well the humor is captured by needing to carry my “jug” and the accompanying catch cup and glove in order to be sanitary in the process.  Given that I am also in one of my gut flares, I am chugging water to initiate “rotor rooter”, you know, moving that poison out of the body!
Well, the company provided two jugs for those who urinate a lot, but it is not even half-way through the day and I am into the second jug.  Oh my, what to do!  Additionally, I was unsure if I was going to need to go through the pat-down in order to meet Ash, but thankfully, there is a large meeting area outside of customs, so no frisking for today.  Phew!

Feelin good, excited and just needed to share the intricacies of modern healthcare.  It certainly requires a sense of humor in order to take care of oneself, otherwise, you’ll get sick from the angst and anger.

On the road to health and well-being,