Sunday, April 15, 2018

Out of Town and Kinda Off the Grid

In an hour, I embark for a week-long conference about the Mind Body Medicine movement.   I am so excited to be with my colleague and mentor, Kathie Swift - a nutritionist who has truly made an impact in the integrative medicine arena. She will be accompanied by Dr. James Gordon, Harvard trained psychiatrist who embraces spirituality in mental health and Dr. Mark Hyman, world-reknowned physician and leader in functional medicine.

As I have been preparing for this time away, I felt a bit nervous about lack of internet connection.  I, like many, are so conditioned to be "plugged in", and yet, for true personal freedom, we need time away from the daily routines, the usual stimulation that narrows one's focus and to be away from the sensationalized news reports that generally focus on what's going wrong rather than right!

During my morning reflection, I read a passage that nicely written passage from Mastin Kipp:
"I believe everyone has a God-size hole inside of them that we try to fill with shopping or with a relationship or with food or sex or drugs.  But, it's not out there.  It's in here.  It's an internal connection.  And that's what a spiritual practice, listening to your intuition,having a creative expression, being of service is all about. . . ."

I will be focused on being immersed in this amazing experience while being attentive to the quieting of the daily mind, being receptive to what I am to take in for personal growth and for the community that I serve.

Forever grateful,

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