Sunday, April 8, 2018

Paradise Is A Perspective

As I am writing this blog, I am sitting on my porch overlooking the mountains, trees and listening to the lively chatter of the birds.  I feel so very blessed to be living in my unassuming, but functional and cute home.  Tammie is settled, loving to lay on the porch in the sun and having her walks along Shoreline Dr., a 5 minute car ride over the mountain and to the sea.

The simplicity of life feels wonderful, despite also getting my work or shall we say, "life-work" established here in Santa Barbara.  I am grateful to maintain a strong presence in Boston by using telehealth that is acceptable in healthcare, as I meet new people here.  As I attend functions and network, I sense that I am in a hub of progressive thinkers, movers and shakers, who want to care for humanity and the environment.  This broad perspective aligns with who I am and what I am about.

I visited an intentional community this past week and saw homes made of cob, utilities that were off the grid, using solar power.  The technology, while ancient in many ways, showed a wisdom that when combined with current knowledge, can transform the way we live now and in our future.   There was a reverence for the land, a desire to eat clean and nutrient-dense food and to be at peace and harmony with nature and each other.

Two days later, I was invited to the CEC meeting - Community Environmental Council.  This organization includes reducing carbon emissions, feeding the poor, sustainable living etc.  The lecture was on transportation and our future.  Mind-blowing, informative and so timely!

How does this all relate to what I do?  I am in the business of empowering people, to support them in challenge and to support their process of evolving "wholeness".   One cannot separate the body (taking care of the container that holds our light) from the mind and spirit.  As we advance in science, technology and "energy" (that which cannot be seen but is felt), I see my role as a bridge and conduit.  This has been a lifelong function in my life - brought about from old childhood wounds - and I am grateful to hold polar opposites, assisting them to see the other's perspective.  This is where paradise can unfold!

With love and support,

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