Monday, January 1, 2018

Redefining Wealth!

Happy New Year and welcome to a new beginning for us all.  2017 surely had many challenging times, we have survived and hopefully, have gleaned the gifts in the various meanings of life.

Today, as I look out my window which displays majestic mountains, palm trees and sunshine, I feel quite rich!  There has been a disconnect for me since childhood about deserving material things in life (old ingrained stuff!), yet as I continue to navigate life, I feel quite rich in experience, my new living situation (closer to the tiny, sustainable home that I am working towards) and my friendships - both old and new.

I awoke to messages from family and clients whom I have worked with - or shall we say partnered with - for over thirty years.  What a gift to have these long-standing relationships that are more than just a "client".  I know these people and they know me - a transparency that bonds humanity together!

My goals for this year are many, but one that holds a priority is living with less stuff and in less space.  And I have been consistently unloading "stuff" - the physical things we cling to, as well as the emotional road-blocks that impede seeing life as truly being wealthy!  My space is now 525 square feet and to define the tiny home concept, I have about 25 more to shave off.

Watch out for 2019 - I plan to have this concept really take off for many - leveling the playing field of wealth and spreading it among those who need and deserve more.  We all deserve, but we must see and believe that it is here for the asking and taking.

In wealth,

PS - take a peek at  Jamie, a dear friend has written music about life, stuff and what really matters!  Check out We're All In This Together from Shiner and the album, Steele Blue Moon.  Lots to chew on!

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