Thursday, January 11, 2018

Over the Rainbow and After the Storm

It was the day following the massive downpour in Santa Barbara that resulted in severe devastation to pockets of areas.  The blue sky and a spectacular rainbow shone for miles, but my camera only caught a birds' eye view.

How does one reconcile tragedy and beauty at the same time.  All around me is the buzz of people knowing someone displaced or another feeling the gratitude of having a home to go to.  I'll be here in my new home just three weeks tomorrow and during this time, I've witnessed the fires that seemed to go on forever and now, this week, a terrible storm that has wiped away homes, businesses and the lives of some people and their pets.

It was an eerie feeling listening to helicopters all evening and having the buzzing alert messages once again, telling people to evacuate areas close by.  I stayed in for much of the day until the sun shone and I walked Tammie along Shoreline Drive, taking this amazing photo.  Not once did I feel afraid even though this is new territory for me.  I stopped to take it all in - the dark and the light of the experience.  And I feel grateful for being alive, for being in this place and for the opportunity to connect with others offering support in what ever way I can.

The power of the rainbow reminds us that there is life after the storm.

With gratitude,

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